Crowning ceremony guidlines

While preparing for your crowning ceremony (the wedding) and taking care of all details, the Church would like to share some points with you to take into consideration during planning to be blessed by the Holy Spirit during the prayers of the sacrament of marriage

General guidelines:

When deciding your wedding/engagement ceremony date, make sure that you have an officiating Orthodox priest; who will be handling your marriage documents, and will be available to officiate the crowning ceremony on the date of your choice.

Make arrangements to have deacons present at your crowning/engagement ceremony

Arriving on the scheduled time for the ceremony to start is required and recommended for the better organization of the event.

The couple and their invitees are expected to abide with the Diocese dress code guidelines while inside the church. 

 No food, drinks or gum allowed inside the church premises.

All church services are provided at NO set fees, but everyone is invited to enjoy the blessings of donations.

There is a cleaning fee of $500, and a refundable security deposit of $1000 (the check will not be cashed unless there are damages to the church that exceed this amount)

For Saturday’s reservations the earliest is 12:30pm and MUST be finished at 5:30 PM to allow time for other church services, for Sunday’s reservations the earliest is 2 PM

The church will allow 30 minutes after the event to allow photos and removal of decoration items (keep in mind that you still need to be finished by 5:30 PM)

Parents are required to supervise their children at all times

No smoking allowed while on the church premises

While on the church premises we expect everyone to keep the church clean and do the best they can to protect the church property against vandalism or theft


Church reservation includes the following services:

​Using the church and its facilities (Restrooms, AV systems, etc ….).

Electricity and air conditioning.​

​2 regular burgundy church chairs for the couple to use during the ceremony.

​2 crowns.

​2 robes for the couple to use during the crowning liturgical prayers.


If you plan to decorate the church, we ask you to please notice the following:

​Moving chairs or pews is NOT allowed.

​While decorating the pews, NO pins, tape or screws are allowed to avoid scratching or marking the pews, only light plastic hangers can be used to hang the flower bouquets or fabrics on the pews.

​NO natural flowers or petals can be used on the aisle’s floor to avoid staining the marble when stepping or walking on them. HOWEVER, Natural flowers are OK to be used in decorations such as behind or next to the Bride and Groom's Chairs

​After the event the church is expected to be completely clean from all wedding decoration items. (this is not included in the cleaning fee)

​Church is not responsible in case of any unexpected technical issues such as live stream issues, power down, air condition, or any other issues.

​Once you are ready to book your date and proceed with the reservations, please fill in the {Ceremony reservation request} on the church website, a church representative will back to you with your confirmation. 


Click here to submit a ceremony reservation request

For changes, rehearsal arrangements or cancellations after the reservation is made please contact the church coordinator with your request via email :


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